A Genogram Journey of Elaine Pinderhughes


Video: Emancipating History: A Family’s Racial Legacy

A GENOGRAM JOURNEY OF ELAINE PINDERHUGHES Half hour DVD. In this interview renowned African American Family Therapist, Elaine Pinderhughes, describes her genogram journey to emancipate her history from the lies and secrecy in which it had been shrouded. Pinderhughes is a courageous woman who has been researching her family for more than 30 years. Though many family members did not want her to carry out her research, fearing the shame and pain of their family history, she bravely sought out the truth of the context of slavery, oppression and racism in which her family and all our families have been embedded for so many generations. This interview is an outstanding teaching tool for courses on racism, oppression, cultural competence, human development, social work, psychology, and sociology.

Here is the link to buy the Pinderhughes dvd,http://multiculturalfamily.org/pinderhughes-dvd/